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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to these questions and more are coming soon.

How can I know if surgery is right for me?
Can I get the same results without surgery?
How much will the operation cost?
Will my insurance pay for this surgery?
Am I being vain to have this operation?
What must I do to get ready for surgery?
Do I take my regular medicines before surgery?
What medicines I should I not take?
What do I eat before surgery?
What can I do to reduce scars and bruises?
What should I tell the surgeon?
Do I need any special tests or X-rays?
How early do I need to arrive for surgery?
Where is the operation done?
How is the operation done?
Where is the scar going to be?
How long does the operation take?
When can I go home after surgery?
Can I drive myself home after surgery?
What anesthetic is used for the operation?
What are the complications?
Will I need to take any special medicines?
How do I look after myself after surgery?
Do I need somebody with me after surgery?
How do I reach my doctor for an emergency?

Does it hurt after surgery?
What will I look like after surgery
Will I like the results?
What happens I do if I do not like the results?
When can I return to work?
When can I exercise?
Do I have to eat a special diet?
Do I need to wear any special clothing?
Will I need to change any bandages?
Will I need to look after any drains?
How do I look after my stitches?
How long does it take to heal?
Will I always develop heavy scar ?
When can I bathe or shower?
Do I have to sleep in any special position?
Do I need to use ice on the surgical site?
When can I have sex?
Should I stop smoking?
May I drink alcohol?
Can I combine this with other procedures?
How will I feel emotionally after surgery?
How long will the results of surgery last?
Can I have the operation again?
Do I tell people I have had cosmetic surgery?
When can I go to the beautician after surgery?


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